Duration and Cost

My per-session rate for coaching is $120 for a full session (50 minutes), $60 for a half session (25 minutes). This covers face to face (when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted) as well as video-conference coaching sessions and phone sessions.

You can also purchase a monthly bundle for $420, which includes four full sessions, or a combination of full and half sessions. Or, a three month bundle is available for $1020. Monthly bundles also include access to all features of the online community of this site at no extra charge: forums, groups, and future educational materials.

For all packages, questions that arise between sessions can be handled via email or phone at no extra charge for the term of the session.

Consistency and commitment are the keys to your success; experience has shown that making significant progress takes a few months. I suggest making at least a three month commitment up front; you can extend after that, or purchase an additional package or individual sessions later on to consolidate your changes. Membership in the online community here is also a good way to continue progress once you’ve finished your one-on-one coaching.

Note: A sliding scale for coaching fees is available for those who qualify; contact me via email for details. Access to the online features only can also be purchased a la carte for $40 per month — questions can be asked in the group forums and I will answer them there.